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Effektiveres Lernen in Dienstleistungsunternehmen

Working hours in agile companies

Geschrieben am: 31.01.2018 in Agile Company by Vera Gehlen-Baum

In the age of digitalisation we are connected and available at all times. However, for many people this means working beyond the contractual 40 hours per week. Theoretically, the agile work process should prevent us from wasting our time but it does not solve the problem of overtime work and occasionally it even encourages it. Especially in companies which strive to implement agile principles but fail to create the environment of trust and autonomous work.

Trust-based working hours and new concepts

TestBash Manchester 2017

Geschrieben am: 02.11.2017 in QA Community by Patrick Prill

It was time for the second edition of TestBash Manchester, and together with other well-known people from the testing community, our very own Vera was part of the line-up of the conference day.

Effektiveres Lernen in Dienstleistungsunternehmen

Tip 1: Define learning goals – working with ePortfolios 2:0

Geschrieben am: 08.07.2016 in Agile Company by Vera Gehlen-Baum

Teaching and learning goals are pivotal to a successful continuous learning process.