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We deliver quality

“Quality is no coincidence” – this sentence is the official QualityMinds motto when it comes to quality assurance in software engineering. QualityMinds deliver software projects on time and in high quality thanks to a constant communication flow with our customers. We offer comprehensive and extensive consulting service – from ideas, through preliminary outlines and basic conceptions up to the operational support. Our portfolio consists of quality assurance, mobile testing, classical and agile testing as well as requirements engineering.

TOP 100 – The award for Germany's most innovative SMEs


News & Social

Culture workshop "Conflict Management"

Last week we participated in a culture workshop "Conflict Management".

Educational Justice with QualityLearning

Dr. Vera Gehlen-Baum held a lecture at the United Nations headquarters in NY.

Working hours in agile companies

In the age of digitalisation we are connected and available at all times. However, for many people this means working beyond the contractual 40 hours per week. Theoretically, the agile work process should prevent us from wasting our time but it does not solve the problem of overtime work and occasionally it even encourages it. Especially in companies which strive to implement agile principles but fail to create the environment of trust and autonomous work.

Trust-based working hours and new concepts

QualityHeroes Podcast ist here!

Today we are proudly introducing our German-speaking QualityHeroes podcast!