QualityHeroes Podcast Folge 8

Agile Learning- what's that?

QualityHeroes Podcast Episode 7

Ron & Daniel finish their small series about Mobile Testing with the topic Continuous Integration & Delivery. Enjoy!

Talk about agile consulting at students event

Michael Mlynarski gave a talk about agile consulting at a students event.

QualityHeroes Podcast Episode 6

Testautomation for Mobile Apps - what and how do I automate best?
Ron & Daniel continue their discussion about mobile testing and talk about mobile test automation tools.  

Visualisation Workshop

Last week we had a great visualisation workshop for the employees here at QualityMinds, first in Munich and one day later in Nuremberg.

IoT Testing? Challenge accepted!

A new article on testing the Internet of Things by Ron Werner and Bastian Baumgartner in OBJEKTspektrum.

QualityHeroes Podcast Episode 5

Is "quality from the beginning" achievable in agile projects?

QualityHeroes Podcast Episode 4

IoT testing - big challenge or easy peasy?

QualityHeroes Podcast Episode 3

What types of mobile testing are there?

QualityHeroes Podcast Episode 2

How do I start a career in mobile testing?

Culture workshop "Conflict Management"

Last week we participated in a culture workshop "Conflict Management".

Educational Justice with QualityLearning

Dr. Vera Gehlen-Baum held a lecture at the United Nations headquarters in NY.